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Rick Renner Readers

Rick Renner Readers

What is RRR?

RRR stands for Rick Renner Readers and refers to a group of dedicated students of the Word who have accepted Rick’s invitation to take a closer look at what he is studying, how he studies, where he gets his information, the methods he uses, and the role editors play in helping Rick polish what he’s writing. Rick Renner Readers are the first to read insights Rick has written as the Holy Spirit helps him search out truths concealed in the Word of God. This would include pertinent historical facts and interpretation, studies in the original language, and fresh insights from God’s Word — all written by Rick so recently that they are not yet in print. That means those who sign up to be a part of RRR get the first “peek” into materials and information no one else has seen except Rick’s editors. Click here for a sample of material sent to RRRs.

If you’d like to sign up to join this special group of Rick Renner Readers, please register by filling out the form on this page. A variety of these freshly written insights from Rick’s current book projects will be periodically sent to you by email once he and his editor are satisfied that they are ready to share – so keep an eye on your inbox for these thought-provoking nuggets to suddenly show up!

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