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About Renner Ministries

If you’re new to our website, we want to give you a glimpse into all that God has enabled our ministry to do across the world. You can scroll through this page to see the major areas of our ministry – or simply click one of the red buttons below to quickly access the area that is especially of interest to you. A partner is an individual, a group, church, or organization that financially supports this ministry on a regular basis so we can go forward to accomplish this huge assignment with no interruptions. Heaven will reveal the great investment partners have made to impact countless people’s lives for all of eternity. If you are a partner, thank you so much for your generosity to this ministry. If you would like to become a partner or are interested in knowing more about partnership, please click here. (NOTE: This ministry provides a legal Board of Trustees with regular ministry and financial updates to ensure accountability.)


Public Meetings, Seminars, and Conventions

The teaching ministry of Rick and Denise Renner blankets English and Russian-speaking nations with the message of salvation and redemption through Jesus Christ. Rick’s teaching, heralded for solid exposition of the Scriptures and illuminating insights drawn from his extensive study of the Greek language, is widely presented via television, the printed page, the Internet, social media, electronic material, and public meetings. [read more]


The Printed Page

Rick and Denise Renner, Authors

The printed page is a major tool for the Gospel, and RENNER Ministries utilizes this medium effectively. Rick Renner is a prolific writer, having authored more than 30 books with multiple titles currently being developed. Rick and Denise are both authors, and they are now joined by their son Philip, who is nearing completion of his first book, a devotional for youth. [read more]


Partner Care

Ministry to God-Called Partners

In an increasingly impersonal world, Rick and Denise desire to maintain a meaningful personal connection with their partners and friends through the consistent and authentic expression of Partner Care. Their goal for Partner Care is to impart blessing and communicate a loving and lavish representation of the goodness of God in ways that encourage and strengthen each partner they touch. [read more]


Moscow Good News Church

Rick and Denise Renner, Pastors

Moscow is home to more than 18 million people comprised of approximately 68 nationalities. It is ranked among the world’s largest and most influential cities and is also cited as the most expensive city in the world. Positioned in the heart of this historic city is the Moscow Good News Church (MGNC) founded by Rick and Denise Renner. MGNC opened its doors on September 7, 2000. From its inception until present, the church has experienced swift and substantial growth. [read more]


TV/Various Media

Teaching the Word via TV and Various Media

Communicating the spoken and written Word is the central focus of RENNER Ministries. That assignment began to be fulfilled on a large scale when Rick and Denise founded the Good News Television Network (later renamed Media Mir) more than 20 years ago — the first Christian TV network of its kind in the former USSR — embarking upon TV ministry at a time when daily Christian programming was unheard of in the former Soviet Union. [read more]


Rescuing Ministries

Loving the Needy and Hurting

Rescuing the hurting is the heart of the Gospel and is at the core of RENNER Ministries. Our rescuing outreaches to the orphaned, widowed, and needy emphasize the love of God through practical expressions of the Gospel’s message. As we provide food, clothing, and medical treatment, the poor hear and, most importantly, experience the Good News that Jesus cares. [read more]


House of Mercy

Rescuing Homeless Kids and Adults

On any given day, one might find House of Mercy volunteers crawling down sewer tunnels, making their way through huge piles of rubble, or scouring handmade shelters near the railroads as they rescue society’s “unwanted” — the lost, abandoned children of Moscow. An established outreach overseen by RENNER Ministries, House of Mercy daily feeds hundreds of children and homeless adults who live on Moscow’s streets. [read more]


Vitamin Club/Golden Age

Often Referred to as “Last Chance” Ministry

Often referred to as a “last-chance” ministry, this outreach began with an effort to demonstrate God’s love to Moscow’s elderly citizens in very practical ways. Thousands of senior citizens have since been born again through this program. Vitamin Club is one of the largest outreaches to senior adults in the world, sometimes hosting thousands of pensioners at a single event. [read more]


Rehabilitation Centers & Prisons

Ministering Freedom to the Bound

Substance abuse and alcoholism are common struggles in Russia, fueling other types of abuse and neglect in people’s lives. That’s why our ministry teams regularly visit drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation centers to share the message of freedom through Jesus. They also carry God’s love behind the securely guarded walls of prisons — a powerful demonstration of the great compassion He has for all people. [read more]


Good News Training Center

Intensive Ministry Training

The Good News Training Center specializes in training people with a deeper hunger for the Word of God, and for those who feel called full-time into the ministry. Since its inception, more than 600 students have graduated – ready to implement what they have learned in various ministries where God has called them. [read more]


Philip Renner

Carrying the Flame to the Next Generation

Youth pastor, worship leader, award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and producer Philip Renner became involved in worship ministry at the age of 15. Philip travels internationally, conducting workshops and lending his experience to help churches begin youth ministries from the ground up. In his meetings, Philip shares his passion for Spirit-led praise and worship and his revelation of the power of fasting and prayer. [read more]


Social Media

Personal Interaction with a Connected Community

The new level of interaction and connection made possible through social media has revolutionized Rick Renner’s ability to reach people everywhere with quality ministry centered around God’s Word. The combined number of followers from all of Rick’s social-media outlets for both English and Russian speakers totals nearly 100,000. [read more]



Internet Site to Serve Russian Speakers Worldwide

A mega-source of information serving Russian-speaking churches, ministers, and laypeople, AmenCafé is a unique and useful “super-portal” that provides online spiritual and practical resources for daily living. This unique site offers a wide variety of biblical teaching, as well as news and information pertaining to every facet of life — career tips, homemaking hints, nutrition advice, sports, and world news, etc. [read more]



A Free Online Resource and Ministerial Fellowship

In obedience to Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), the Renners have established several vehicles whereby pastors and ministers can receive the teaching, encouragement, and training they need to equip and strengthen them for the work of the ministry. This is expressed through the monthly IMPART magazine and the IMPART Pastors Fellowship. [read more]


Missions Support

A Financial Base for Missionaries Worldwide

RENNER Ministries is a church-planting and missions-driven ministry that provides financial support to multiple missionaries in Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Palestinian territories, Latvia, and Mongolia. Committed to helping those who have given all to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth, this ministry allocates a significant portion of its budget to assist many of these dedicated servants of God. [read more]

Missions Support
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